Scott’s Commission

Scott Comm A friend of mine commissioned me to create a piece as a gift for his wife for their anniversary. He liked my last piece and wanted something based off of that. Sadly I didn’t get any good photos of it. I only have myself to blame. I only remember when my friend had come with the frame to pick it up.







Old Artwork

Some old artwork.


Witchsona An internet trend was going around. What if you were a witch? What kind of witch would you be?

I think I would be the same that I currently am. An elementary teacher, but to little witches with little star training wands.

Day by Day Doodles

Back in August 2013 I started a daily doodle journal. At the time I had just started my graduate studies, which was quite intensive. I decided to do a daily doodle about my day each day to give myself a short break to draw.